I promise to remember Bella 
Each time I carelessly fall down 
And I promise to remember Edward 
When im out of town 
I promise to obey traffic laws 
For Charlies sake of course 
And I promise to remember Jacob 
When my heart fills with remorse 
I promise to remember Carlisle 
When ever I am in the emergency room 
And I promise to remember Emmett 
every time there's a large boom 
I promise to remember Rosalie 
when ever I see something that holds pure beauty 
And I promise to remember Alice 
When im at a mall and a cute outfit spots me 
I promise to remember Renesmee 
When I see that beautiful bronze hair 
And I promise to remember Esme 
when someone tells me they care 
I promise to remember Jasper 
henever my stomach isnt curled 
and I promise to remember the Volturi 
when somebody speaks of dominating the world 
Yes I promise to love TWILIGHT 
wherever I may go 
so that all may see my obsession 
Because I know the twilighters know. 

I'll stay up 'till Twilight 
to see the New Moon. 
And, if I'm lucky... 
I'll see an Eclipse 
at Breaking Dawn, 
and the whole time... 
I'm sitting with you, 
under the Midnight Sun

Hey its Lauren We got new better music so yay for those of you that ever see this yay you must love it so ya!
Peter Facinelli attended the Television Critics Association Press Tour for his show Nurse Jackie and of couse he talked about Twilight (who wouldn't?) All of it is here, but here's some just to tease you.
On making Eclipse:
What I love about the third movie is that you get to see a side of Carlisle you haven’t seen before, and what his vampire capabilities really are. There are some really great battle sequences. It’s my favorite book.
On when we can expect some news about Breaking Dawn:
I don’t know. Usually the fans know things before I do.

Is Carlisle really a good doctor?:
Oh he’s great! Because Carlisle has been around for so long, I think that he’s very well educated and what I love about him is he has a real love for humanity. People always ask me what kind of research did you do to play a vampire. I say I do very little to play a vampire, because I’m playing a vampire who is trying to be human. My research is more what is it to be human. Why does he love humanity so much, that he wanted to hold on to that. When you look at something like Twilight, the good vampires aren’t necessarily good, they’re just eccentric. The bad vampires are just doing what they’re born to do and made to do. It’s kind of like domesticating a lion. For me, Carlisle is just holding on to that humanity. He doesn’t want to be a vampire.
Apperently there was a GIANT New Moon poster in Indeoneisa. Here's the pic I found. I wish that was me!