Peter Facinelli attended the Television Critics Association Press Tour for his show Nurse Jackie and of couse he talked about Twilight (who wouldn't?) All of it is here, but here's some just to tease you.
On making Eclipse:
What I love about the third movie is that you get to see a side of Carlisle you haven’t seen before, and what his vampire capabilities really are. There are some really great battle sequences. It’s my favorite book.
On when we can expect some news about Breaking Dawn:
I don’t know. Usually the fans know things before I do.

Is Carlisle really a good doctor?:
Oh he’s great! Because Carlisle has been around for so long, I think that he’s very well educated and what I love about him is he has a real love for humanity. People always ask me what kind of research did you do to play a vampire. I say I do very little to play a vampire, because I’m playing a vampire who is trying to be human. My research is more what is it to be human. Why does he love humanity so much, that he wanted to hold on to that. When you look at something like Twilight, the good vampires aren’t necessarily good, they’re just eccentric. The bad vampires are just doing what they’re born to do and made to do. It’s kind of like domesticating a lion. For me, Carlisle is just holding on to that humanity. He doesn’t want to be a vampire.

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