On December 12th Taylor Lautner will be hosting Saturday Night Live. This is great for him, but since I have... interesting parents, I probably won't be allowed to watch.

I know the movie's already out, but I have a certian fondness for the trailer. It has all the good parts, Taylor Launtner shirtless  and I don't have to go throught the ordeal of watching Edward's face crack.
So I made this collage, and then I found out that this site was having a kind of contest. I sent mine in, but didn't think it would go anywhere. Then a week or two later i get this email with a link saying it's on the site. Coolest email ever! Heres the link  in case your interested   
I saw New Moon and it was AWSOME! I was considering going team jacob, then Edward came back and i cursed my tratorious mind. Then there was the scene. It's almost too horrible to talk about. The had this scene where Aro was Watch Alices vision of Bella as a vampire. god it was awful. I nearly started crying. It was, I swear, THE corniest thing I have ever seen in my life! It hurts to think about.
Before i really start this I think you should know something about me. I am 100% team edward, but I like Taylor Launtner better then Robbert Pattinson. Makes no sense but then again, neither do I. I'l try to keep this up to date but I don't get much time on they coumpeter so if I'm posting week old news it's not cause i think it's recent it's because i want to have everything on here.